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Callback app features – Convert visitors on your website into calls and customers

General settings for instant callback

This is where you set the main rules on how to connect with the visitors who requested the callback from your website.

Call operators

Add or edit managers and schedule their availability for the widget.

Dialing time

Set the time to connect with the visitor who requested the callback.

Call algorithm

Set the dialing sequence - random, simultaneous or rated.

Retrying failed calls

Set up a callback to the visitor, in case the call did not take place.

Call recording

Record conversations with visitors for further listening and analysis.

Information message about client

A message with the information about the customer who requested the callback, which comes before the conversation.

Email notifications

Set up email notifications with the information regarding the visitors behaviorin the widget.


The visual editor with customization function

A visual editor allows you to design the widget, customize the button sand the text so it suits your website, there are also widget tooltip window settings.

Form settings
Multiple widget templates

Several types of widget templates to choose from – Standard, Standard plus, Sidebar, Overlay & Minibar

Two-step form type

Activate pre callback form to engage leads more organically, giving them a possibility to answer a question about their site surfing.

Custom color themes

There is a choice of the form color scheme, as well as a number of ready-made color templates.

Button shape

3 types of the buttons shape- fully rounded, slightly rounded, not rounded.

Photo or logo upload

In the form, you can add your logo or the photo of the manager with his signature and the position.

Form texts editing

The form contains widget text templates, which can be changed accordingly in any language.

Mobile & desktop preview

The forms are responsive and mobile friendly as well as their preview is available in the editor.

Social links

After requesting the callback in the form, the client is invited to join you on Social Media Pages.

Sound effects

If sound effect is ON, the sound appears upon the widget's opening, and captures the user's attention, as the result you have a higher conversion rate.

Button settings
Button positions

This is where you chose where the position of the widget button on largeand small devices - right or left.

Button type

Several button types - square or round with a solid tube icon or a transparent one.

Button size

Three button sizes to choose from, here you can determine how visible the button will be on your website.

Custom button colors

There is a choice of the button color scheme, as well as a number ofready-made color templates.

Button animation

A powerful feature to attract the attention of the visitors - 3 types of animation buttons: pulsating, crazy & wavy.

Tooltip settings
Hover trigger

Setting the tooltip when you hover over a button.

Scroll trigger

Showing tooltip when scrolling through the website and setting % scroll.

Time trigger

This setting will help you to set a tooltip depending on the time the visitor stays on the website.

Text editing

Editing the text of the tooltip, the image of the manager will be shown as well, if it was added in the form.


Buttons and form widget display settings for callback & messaging

In this section there is a wide choice of triggers and conditions of the button and form display, as well as their settings. This section is responsible for when and where on the website, the form of the widget offering the callback appears.

Button triggers

Helps you to determine when to show a callback button on a website - hide, show always, show by time or scroll.

Mobile triggers

Here you can configure whether to activate or disable the triggers on mobile devices.

Night mode

The function that allows you to set the widget form for the after-work hours.

Time trigger (form)

This setting allows the form of the widget appear on the website after the set time.

Page-level targeting

Determine on which pages of the website to show or not to show the widget form for specified triggers.

Inaction trigger

Setting which allows the form of the widget to be shown after the visitor is inactive for some time while on the website.

Exit-intent trigger

Settings which allow you to set the form to appear when a visitor tries to leave the website.

Trigger upon click

This trigger gives you an opportunity to put the widget code on any button or link on your website - for example, on the Request a call button.

Callback from website forms

It can be set so that from any form on your website where the phone number can be entered, callback will be carried out through our system.

Call analytics

Collect hot leads with ConvertCall, and get maximum data for analysis

A wide panel of indicators for tracking, analysis, and further work with the callback widget phone leads with the possibility of further uploading in a number of CRM systems.

Total widget conversion

Displays the ratio of the number of visits, pop ups and leads, with a total conversion, for any desired period.

Widget conversion by triggers

Display of widget conversion by various triggers specified in settings.

Total calls indicators

Shows the total number of calls with their time duration for the selected period.

Up to 1 year call history

The ConvertCall system keeps a history of all calls up to 12 months.

Call status analytics

Show all call statuses, their number and period - Received calls, Missed calls, Manager is busy, Unanswered calls, Client is busy, Upcoming calls.

Call recordings

The ability to record conversations from the widget, to analyze the work of managers and improve the quality of calls.

Full client’s data

It is displayed in the table of calls - Source, date, time, name, manager who spoke with the client, customer geolocation, etc.

Guest link

You can give third-party access to call statistics with a separate closed link.

Data export

Export all call data for the selected period in Ecxel format.


For almost all the countries in the world

Text templates’ languages

No two visitors are alike. Each has their own needs, wants and preferences. Show the right messages to the right users at the right time using one of our many triggers and conditions. The options are limitless.


We make & receive calls in the following countries

No two visitors are alike. Each has their own needs, wants and preferences. Show the right messages to the right users at the right time using one of our many triggers and conditions. The options are limitless.

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Testimonials from our customers

ExpoHome increased their sales calls by 100+ in 1 month

“ConvertCall makes it easier for the clients to talk to real estate agents, get direct contact and ask all the questions straight away, it makes our agents win their confidence and trust"

Eric Stanford, Executive Director
Dewelloper increased their sales calls by 60%

“CovertCall is the best option for our Sales team not to miss any customer visiting our website, instant callback, call scheduling and follow up just make our sales calls increased by 60% the last month"

Alex Kuchera, Sales Manager
SolarConnect generates up to 50 new calls from site every month

"ConvertCall was easy to install and easy to use! We are happy to provide the callback to our customers in seconds. In our business it is more than important to be the first to call the potential client, the competitors are not sleeping"

Javier Rodriguez, Technician Manager
The Form reduced response time to their clients to seconds with us

"Now we do not miss any visitor interested in our services, with ConvertCall it is just impossible. Client can request an instant callback, schedule it, write to us, all this via one widget!"

Alicia Peter, Investment Department Manager
MakeYouReach 60+ increase in phone leads captured

"We tried several callback software and we are happy with our final choice, ConvertCall was the best option for our busy office. It works perfectly, the training material is very detailed so it is very easy for everyday use, highly recommended"

Stephen Paul, Communication Manager

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